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Elite Of Destiny: A Dark Fantasy Romance Thriller

Elite Of Destiny: A Dark Fantasy Romance Thriller ( Heart of Broken Shadows book 2)

by Dante Vereen

FBT review:

Delve into the captivating world of Elite Of Destiny: A Dark Fantasy Romance Thriller (Heart of Broken Shadows book 2) by Dante Vereen. In this mesmerizing sequel, Aiden is determined to find his best friend, Alex, and ensure his safety. Against a backdrop of old enemies seeking revenge and a hidden threat lurking in the shadows, danger abounds. Meanwhile, Alex is focused on unlocking his true power in order to achieve their shared goal. With the team led by Quinn on a mission to reach Paradise, everything hangs in the balance. Will Aiden and Alex be reunited? Can Quinn guide his team to safety? Immerse yourself in this spellbinding romance that blends dark fantasy, thrilling action, and relentless suspense. Perfect for fans of independent book titles, this gripping novel will leave you hungry for more. Grab your copy of Elite Of Destiny now!

Publisher Description:

Many days have passed since Aiden was returned to Earth against his will, leaving his best friend, Alex, behind. Worried about Alex’s well-being and frustrated with lack of information concerning him, Aiden is desperate to see his best friend, safe and sound and he will not allow anyone to get in his way.

On the other hand, Alex is desperate to improve his strength and awaken to his full potential. With the truth he and his team have learnt, Alex has no other choice but to get stronger if they want to reach their goal alive.

Distraught with the new turn of events, Quinn is briefly left disoriented but is determined to lead his team to Paradise even if there has to be an abrupt change of plans.

With old enemies seeking revenge and a dangerous, hidden threat looming in the background, will they be successful? Will Aiden see Alex again? Will Alex awaken his powers? Will Quinn successfully lead his team to Paradise? Will they escape their enemies and make it out on the other side?

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