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Desert Wishes: A Sweet Western Historical Romance

Desert Wishes: A Sweet Western Historical Romance (Harvey Girls Romance Series Book 2)

by Zoe Matthews

FBT review:

Discover a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and second chances in "Desert Wishes: A Sweet Western Historical Romance" by Zoe Matthews. Set in the town of El Tovar, this captivating story follows Emily, a resilient young woman who tragically loses her beloved husband shortly after their marriage. Devastated, Emily finds strength in her newborn daughter and strives to protect her from her conniving sister and brother-in-law. Determined to provide for her child, she becomes a Harvey Girl, working as a waitress at the prestigious El Tovar Hotel. It's in this new chapter of her life that Emily crosses paths with Samuel Montgomery, the local sheriff, who has a plan that could change their lives forever. Can Emily find the courage to trust again and embrace the opportunity for love? Dive into this compelling Western romance that will warm your heart and renew your belief in second chances.

Publisher Description:

What if you marry your soulmate, only to lose him in death six months later?

Emily is suffering the ultimate trial. Her husband, who was also her best friend, was killed in a bank robbery soon after they were married. A few weeks later, she discovers she is pregnant.

After her daughter is born, Emily does everything she can to be a good mother, but her sister and her husband have other plans for her child, and they don’t include her. In order to support her baby, Emily makes the hard decision to become a Harvey Girl.

After she is assigned to be a waitress at the El Tovar Hotel, she meets the local sheriff, Samuel Montgomery, and he comes up with his own plan to help Emily keep her baby.

Can Emily learn to trust Samuel and learn that love can happen twice in a lifetime?

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