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Deceived Devotion

Deceived Devotion (Nanny For The Billionaire Duet Book 2)


FBT review:

Get ready to dive into the intense and captivating world of "Deceived Devotion" by ZENNA ROSE, the thrilling second installment of The Nanny for the Billionaire Duet. As a steamy contemporary romance novel, this age-gap, fake engagement story will have you hooked from the beginning. Follow the forbidden love between the protagonist and her billionaire boss, Noah Hayes, as they navigate their insatiable desire amidst media scandals and unexpected twists. With a baby on the way, can they find their way back to each other or will outside dangers tear them apart for good? If you're a fan of second-chance romance with a touch of suspense, don't miss out on this captivating read that promises a happily ever after.

Publisher Description:

***Deceived Devotion is book two of The Nanny for the Billionaire Duet and should be read after book one. It is an age gap, fake engagement, second chance, steamy contemporary romance, and does end on a HAE.***

My heart loves him. My mind hates him. My soul breaks for him.

In a tangled web of desire, I never foresaw Noah Hayes becoming my ultimate temptation, my forbidden fruit. Our passion for each other defined all logic, despite our age differences and his position as my boss. Each stolen moment, every breathless encounter, served as a testament to the insatiable hunger that bound us together.

But the moment I gave him all of me, was also the moment I lost him. Even though Noah Hayes may no longer crave my touch, he needs me beside him now more than ever.

The media scandal that surrounds us has me playing the fake diligent fiance, but the baby growing inside of me tells me nothing can remain fake for long.

The question is, can we ever find our way back to each other, or will the dangers headed our way destroy us for good?

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