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Cinderella's Jilted Billionaire

Cinderella's Jilted Billionaire

by Lucy Monroe

FBT review:

Embark on a captivating journey of love and passion in "Cinderella's Jilted Billionaire" by Lucy Monroe. When Sicilian tycoon Carlo Messina is left stranded at the altar by his fiancée, Annette, he is filled with shock and anger. Five years later, circumstances bring them back together, reigniting the intense desire between them. An unexpected pregnancy leads to a proposal for a marriage of convenience, but could it blossom into the true love that Annette craves and Carlo unknowingly yearns for? This modern retelling of Cinderella is a tale of second chances, family, and the power of love. Explore the magic of this romance novel that promises to sweep you off your feet.

Publisher Description:

Sicilian business tycoon Carlo Messina is used to getting his way, so when his supposedly biddable fiancée leaves him standing at the altar he's shocked...and furious.

Annette has spent her entire life trying to be worthy of her family's love, but she's never measured up. Her parents and two perfect sisters make up their own little family and she has no place in it, unless it's as a modern day Cinderella. When she realizes her gorgeous billionaire fiancé expects her to change to fit his idea of family too, she does the only thing she can. She runs.

It's five years later and Carlo and Annette are living in the same house in charge of their niece while their siblings recover from a terrible accident. The desire between these two passionate people has only grown during their time apart and inevitably, it explodes. Results? An unexpected pregnancy.

For Carlo there's only one solution: the wedding that never took place. Can a marriage of convenience lead to the love Annette craves and her Sicilian billionaire doesn't know he needs?

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