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Christmas at Dumpster Corral

Christmas at Dumpster Corral (Holiday Corral Romance)

by Irene Onorato

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming holiday romance to curl up with this Christmas season? Look no further than "Christmas at Dumpster Corral" by Irene Onorato. This indie romance novel tells the story of Noel Dupree, who inherits her family home and florist business after the sudden passing of her mother. But when her conniving father resurfaces and claims everything is rightfully his, Noel is forced to leave her hometown and seek a new future in Pensacola, Florida. Fate leads her to a graveyard-shift job and a chance encounter with the charming lawyer Liam Grant. As the Christmas holiday approaches, Noel must navigate her destitute condition while deciding if she can accept Liam's dinner invitations and open her heart to love. With its touching storyline and festive backdrop, "Christmas at Dumpster Corral" is the perfect choice for readers looking for an inspiring and heartwarming holiday romance. Get your copy today and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas.

Publisher Description:

When Noel Dupree’s mother passes away from a sudden illness, she inherits the family home and their much-loved florist business. While still in mourning, her unscrupulous father resurfaces after many years’ absence and finds a way to undermine her mother’s will. Without regard for Noel’s welfare, he claims everything is rightly his, and the family lawyer can’t produce documents to prove otherwise.

By invitation from her best friend, Noel makes a hard choice to leave her childhood hometown in upstate New York and journey to the friend’s house in Pensacola, Florida. Together they will try to devise a plan for Noel’s future. Fate steps in when a blinding rainstorm causes her to miss a turn, leading her to an unlikely place, and an uncertain destiny.

Brought low by circumstances and struggling to make ends meet, she takes shelter in the least desirable location and accepts a graveyard-shift job. The last thing Noel is looking for is romance, but a chance meeting with a handsome, young lawyer named Liam Grant makes her reconsider. Could she accept his dinner invitations and make it through the Christmas holiday without revealing her destitute condition?

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