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Jane Doe: A Northwoods Story

Jane Doe: A Northwoods Story

by Marc Shako

FBT review:

Discover the gripping mystery and suspense of "Jane Doe: A Northwoods Story." In this thrilling indie fantasy novel, author Marc Shako takes readers on a journey into the bizarre and secretive town of Northwoods. When Janice and Steve find themselves stranded in the town, they stumble upon a conspiracy that puts their lives at risk. As they race against time to uncover the truth, they must navigate the fog-shrouded streets and evade the authorities who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden. Full of fast-paced action and twisty plot, this book is perfect for fans of the Twilight Zone and those seeking a thrilling and suspenseful read. Get your copy of "Jane Doe: A Northwoods Story" today and escape into a world of mystery and danger.

Publisher Description:


"When I first got here, you told me nobody goes out in the fog..."
"It's true. That's an easy way to go missing."

★★★★★ - "A gripping mystery horror novel..."

★★★★★ - "Had me on the edge of my seat..."

Janice Briggs is heading for a job interview she’ll never reach.

Forced off the road by a rapidly encroaching fog, Janice and her husband Steve make a stop in the infamous Northwoods - a small town with a bizarre reputation.

Their unscheduled visit coincides with the discovery of the body of an unknown woman and unfortunately for Janice and Steve, they’ve stepped right in the middle of a conspiracy.

Northwoods is a town of strange secrets. Secrets the authorities will stop at nothing to keep buried and a race against time becomes a fight for survival. Can Janice and Steve escape the tangled web - and Northwoods - with their lives?

"Like watching an episode of the Twilight Zone!"

"A well written fast paced thrill ride..."

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