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The Chronicles of Lethia: Books 1-3

The Chronicles of Lethia: Books 1-3

by Krysten Harlow

FBT review:

Discover a thrilling new fantasy world in The Chronicles of Lethia: Books 1-3 Collection by Krysten Harlow. This captivating series follows a young protagonist as she navigates a world of magic, danger, and deception. In Book One, she must unlock the secrets of her bloodline while hunting down deadly fugitives known as the Exiled. But a dark spy lurks in the shadows, and she must uncover the truth before it's too late. Book Two sees her venturing into a treacherous world to face off against Zero's elite, while also unraveling the mysteries of her past. In Book Three, the fate of magic itself hangs in the balance as she races against time to stop powerful enemies and save the ley lines that bind reality together. With intricate plots, unexpected alliances, and a looming black dragon threat, The Chronicles of Lethia is a must-read for fans of young adult fantasy. Join her on this epic journey today.

Publisher Description:

“Krysten Harlow brings a wonderful new fantasy world to life…even though it is focused on young adults, more mature readers will find great pleasure in this story.” – Reader’s Favorite

The archmage of darkness has returned…


From the moment I stepped into the Academy, my world changed. Everyone is convinced my bloodline holds the key to defeating him. On top of that, I’m tasked with hunting the most deadly and elusive of fugitives—the Exiled.

The dark one’s chosen are preparing to make a move… but the real threat is closer to home. There’s a spy lurking in the Academy, and I'm inexplicably drawn to him.

The only person I find solace in is my roommate, who harbors secrets of her own. The uncanny resemblance she bears to a previous member of the Council, a woman murdered in darker days past, only deepens the mystery surrounding our intertwined fates.

Caught in the middle of a web of lies and deceit, the twisted games of an ancient foe begin. I must delve into the history of Lethia and its deep magic to unravel the truth behind our dark and powerful enemies.

The future of our home hangs delicately in the balance—can I summon the strength to save it?


Venturing out into an unfamiliar and unforgiving world, I’m tasked with the daunting mission of tracking down and eliminating Zero’s elite. Up until recently, I didn’t even know much about deep magic—and now I’m supposed to combine my newfound abilities with my existing strengths to confront the most formidable adversaries the Academy has ever seen.

Forced to part ways with my trusted companions, I must navigate a web of uncertainty. New allies may harbor hidden agendas, and enemies may masquerade as friends...

Thrown head-first into a world of unexpected encounters, ancestral secrets, and enigmatic time pockets, I need to delve into the past to safeguard the future. All this, with the threat of a powerful black dragon looming on the horizon. Time is of the essence, and the Exiled won’t go down without a fight.


The magical ley lines that bind the fabric of our reality together are being threatened, and time is running out for us to save it. Dangerous enemies are lurking in the shadows – along with powerful magic that bends the nature of time and space itself.

Trust becomes a precious commodity as alliances form and break. Doubt gnaws at my mind, for the fate of magic itself hangs in the balance. Every choice becomes a tightrope walk, with the weight of the world resting on our shoulders. The stakes couldn't be higher.

The hunt for the Exiled is still ongoing, but false leads and deception muddy the waters, threatening to undermine our efforts. And before we can perform the ancient ritual that may save our crumbling world, we must uncover the truth behind the insidious anti-magic cult and dismantle their power.

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