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Pretender to the Crown

Pretender to the Crown (The Saga of Willow North Book 1)

by Melissa McShane

FBT review:

Experience the thrilling world of Pretender to the Crown (The Saga of Willow North Book 1) by Melissa McShane. Join Willow North, a talented thief with a secret magical ability, as she becomes entangled in the dangerous political conflict surrounding the eight-year-old King of Tremontane. As she strives to protect the young king from his power-hungry uncle, Willow finds herself growing attached to him and unwilling to abandon him. However, their journey is filled with danger as the pretender to the Crown's forces close in. This enchanting fantasy novel will captivate indie book enthusiasts searching for their next gripping read. Get your copy of Pretender to the Crown today and embark on an epic adventure.

Publisher Description:

Willow North is a thief, and despite her secret magical talent for sensing worked metal, she has never wanted to be anything else. But when her former fiancé appears on her doorstep with the eight-year-old King of Tremontane in tow, she is drawn into the political conflict surrounding the boy King's ascension. His uncle, a powerful Ascendant with the magic of manipulating the elements, murdered the old King and intends to kill young King Felix. Willow intends only to take the boy to safety, but as the days pass, she finds herself increasingly attached to Felix and unwilling to leave him once he's safe. But the pretender to the Crown has a long reach, and as his men close in on the fugitives, it seems nowhere may be safe enough.

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