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The Blizzard Crossing

The Blizzard Crossing (Borderland Guardian Series)

by Lyssa Lund

FBT review:

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Blizzard Crossing, the first book in the captivating Borderland Guardian Series by Lyssa Lund. This paranormal romance is a thrilling blend of fantasy and adventure that will leave you breathless.

Follow Bri Ryan, a fearless survivalist, as she finds herself trapped in the treacherous Borderlands after a harrowing encounter with a monstrous creature. Rescued by a cold and mysterious Guardian, Bri must navigate this unfamiliar realm while keeping her true identity a secret.

With its unique mix of suspense, romance, and fantastical elements, The Blizzard Crossing is sure to captivate readers who are seeking an indie book that stands out from the crowd. Join the brave Bri on her journey through the Borderlands and discover a world unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Publisher Description:

***** This was an excellent paranormal romance! I found all of a sudden I was in the grip of a page-turner and I could not put the story down!! - reader review

***** Good read! I’ll be thinking about this fantasy world that’s a mix between real and not for some time. I loved the dogs and how independent the character of Bri was. It’s not an easily predictable book which I love. - reader review

The thrilling, action-packed first book in the romantic fantasy series Borderland Guardians from Lyssa Lund.

When 30-something survivalist Bri Ryan follows her Borzoi Hounds off the trail in the woods during the middle of a blizzard, a terrifying creature arrives to try to make them his next meal.

Lost and injured by something from a nightmare, Bri and her hounds are rescued by a Guardian as cold and aloof as the woods surrounding them.

Bri reluctantly realizes she is no longer in her world and has entered a realm called The Borderlands.

Staying alive and keeping her identity a secret, Bri needs to navigate this new world and find a way to get home. Can she trust the Guardian?

From author Lyssa Lund comes a seductive, haunting book that blends romance, adventure, and fantasy with an introduction to the breathtaking Borderlands and the Guardians that protect them.

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