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A Most Unusual Friday Knight

A Most Unusual Friday Knight (Shawn From the Shed: Book 1) Alan Frost


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It all started when a champion border collie ran through a time-traveling portal in an orphanage’s shed. Now, twelve-year-old Johnny, his nine-year-old sister Ella, and the brother of the head of the orphanage, Shawn, have to travel to 1100s England just to find her. Oh, and they need to spend a week there to avoid running into themselves on the way back.

Nothing too unusual for a Friday night.

Yet when they witness the injustice of a lord and his champion knight forcing their power over a local village, their plans go way off track. With a combination of technology, ingenuity, trickery, and modern sheep herding techniques, can two orphans and an abused, under-socialized man save a village from an evil, greedy lord?