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Moonflower Mysteries Series Box Set

Moonflower Mysteries Series Box Set

by Beverly A. Rearick

FBT review:

Discover the enchanting world of Moonflower, a small town filled with paranormal beings and unexpected murder mysteries. In the Moonflower Mysteries Series Box Set, Books 1-3, author Beverly A. Rearick invites you into a cozy and intriguing world where a non-magical witch, a vampire sheriff, and a werewolf reporter join forces to solve perplexing crimes.

Follow Samantha Reitenbach, the only non-magical witch in town, as she navigates through birthday parties turned deadly, construction site curses, and the haunting mystery of a classmate's tragic death. With captivating storylines, engaging characters, and a touch of romance, these three books will have you hooked from beginning to end.

Perfect for fans of cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, the Moonflower Mysteries Series will keep you guessing until the very last page. Grab this box set today and immerse yourself in the magical and mysterious world of Moonflower!

Publisher Description:

A non-magical witch, a vampire sheriff, and a werewolf reporter all inhabit the small, paranormal town of Moonflower, where murder is more common than expected.

Enjoy the first three cozy paranormal mysteries of the Moonflower Mysteries Series:

.•°✫˜”°•.✫✫.•°”˜°•.✫ •°✫✫.•°*”˜✫°•.

Party, Potions & Peril

Birthday parties can be deadly.

Samantha Reitenbach is the only non-magical witch in the small, paranormal town of Moonflower. After her husband's death, she never imagined her life would turn out this way: single parenting while working at her great-aunt's diner.

When her daughter turns fourteen, Samantha throws a huge party to celebrate. But the festivities take a deadly turn when a body is discovered in her grandmother's potion room. To make matters worse, the handsome vampire sheriff suspects Samantha's best friend is the killer.

Can Samantha find the real murderer before her innocent friend is charged? With a cursed talking bat, the sheriff breathing down her neck, and an old flame, she'll have her hands full.

.•°✫˜”°•.✫✫.•°”˜°•.✫ •°✫✫.•°*”˜✫°•.

Construction, Curses & Crime

Construction can be a dangerous profession.

Samantha Reitenbach is a non-magical witch living in the paranormal town of Moonflower, raising a magical daughter with a pet talking bat. On top of that, she has started a catering business while working full-time at her great-aunt's diner. To complicate matters further, she is unsure if she wants to pursue a relationship with her werewolf ex-boyfriend.

Imagine her surprise when the gnome contractor she hired to get the business ready is found dead. The handsome vampire sheriff seems determined to blame the death on someone Samantha cares deeply about, who was found unconscious next to the body.

Many secrets and potential suspects are involved in this unusual death, and Samantha must uncover the truth from the lies before those she loves are wrongly accused.

.•°✫˜”°•.✫✫.•°”˜°•.✫ •°✫✫.•°*”˜✫°•.

Reunion, Runes & Revenge

The past can lead to murder.

Samantha Reitenbach's twentieth class reunion has arrived. During the night of reminiscing and dancing, tragedy strikes when a classmate falls from the scaffolding above the stage, with a symbol burned into her hand. Tensions rise as an unknown force keeps everyone locked in the school.

Although the handsome sheriff doesn't want her involved for both personal and professional reasons, Samantha finds herself being drawn into the mysterious death. Time is running out to not only identify the killer, but also to find a way out of the school before the Paranormal Council gets involved.

Being locked in the school and the death aren't the only things she has to deal with. As the night progresses, situations force her to make a decision between pursuing a relationship with one of the two men she is attracted to, or finally accepting she hasn't moved on from her husband's death.

Can Samantha solve the death before time ran out?

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