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The Sea Glass Empire and Other Stories

The Sea Glass Empire and Other Stories

by Shawn McCarthy

FBT review:

Discover a collection of captivating stories in The Sea Glass Empire and Other Stories by Shawn McCarthy. This thought-provoking book offers five intriguing tales that delve into the impact of external influences on people's lives. From the haunting reminiscences of a man on a journey in "The Strand" to a darker twist on a global pandemic in "My City of Ghosts," each story raises questions about the choices we make and the consequences that follow. Perfect for readers who enjoy indie book titles, this collection offers a unique blend of suspense, introspection, and exploration of the human condition. Immerse yourself in these compelling narratives and enter the world of The Sea Glass Empire and Other Stories. Available now on

Publisher Description:

Five provocative stories from the award-winning author of The Puzzle Box Chronicles. Each tale raises questions about how external influences sometimes can have a huge impact on the trajectory of people’s lives.
The Strand: A man driving into the sunset is reminded of the choices he made, and the tragedy he’s left in his wake. But the one thing he thought he left behind, may still be riding with him.
My City of Ghosts: Written during a pandemic, this is a story of a plague that takes a darker turn. As the global population dwindles, some people take heroic measures - while others protect only themselves.

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