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Slivers of Memory: A YA fantasy prequel to Chosen Legends

Slivers of Memory: A YA fantasy prequel to Chosen Legends

by Kris Ruhler

FBT review:

Discover a thrilling YA fantasy prequel to the bestselling Chosen Legends series with Slivers of Memory by Kris Ruhler. Meet Arctic, a fifteen-year-old with extraordinary abilities working in a print shop as a cover for the hidden world of the Metas. When his fellow Metas start disappearing, Arctic finds himself in a dangerous web of secrets and a treacherous hunt. Alongside a mysterious girl, Arctic must uncover the truth and confront his forgotten past before time runs out. Perfect for fans of the Renegades Series and Marie Lu's Young Elites, this coming-of-age superhero fantasy explores friendship, identity, and flawed heroes. Start an unforgettable journey with Arctic and the Chosen Legends today.

Publisher Description:

He dreams of blood and fire. And he may just be the cause.

Worker by day, volunteer at night. This is fifteen-year-old Arctic’s life. Except he’s far from ordinary, and the print shop he works at is just a cover, a safe base for Metas—people with supernatural abilities.

But when Metas start disappearing one by one, his trail of clues leads him into a web of danger. Trapped between the secrets of a hidden world and his turbulent past, he becomes the target of a treacherous hunt.

And that’s just the beginning.

His encounter with a mysterious girl makes him question everything he’s ever believed in. Together, with her as his only ally, he must risk it all to unearth the truth.

Even worse, his own forgotten past is coming back to haunt him.
Who is kidnapping the Metas? Why? And who are the Chosen Legends with the strange marks on their hands?

To find the answers, he may have to seek the same people hunting him down.
Before time runs out.

Journey alongside Arctic in the first installment of Chosen Legends coming-of-age superhero fantasy series. If you’re a fan of the Renegades Series, Marie Lu’s Young Elites, and Mackenzi Lee, you’ll love this story about friendship, identity, and flawed heroes.

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