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Shattered Souls

Shattered Souls (Aeterna Chronicles Book 3)

by Kris Ruhler

FBT review:

Discover a gripping and thrilling Teen & Young Adult book series with "Shattered Souls" (Aeterna Chronicles Book 3) by Kris Ruhler. Follow Khara, a young soldier yearning for freedom, as she defies the army's rules and risks her life to rescue a high-value scientist. But Khara faces more than just dangerous missions – she battles with her own inner demons. With memory loss and another ruthless warrior emerging from within her, Khara must find the kidnapped scientist before she loses control completely. In this coming-of-age science fantasy series, filled with integrity, loyalty, and flawed characters, Ruhler weaves a tale that will captivate fans of Marissa Meyer and Marie Lu. Dive into a world of epic adventure and discover where Khara's journey will lead her next.

Explore the complete Aeterna Chronicles series:

- Shackles of Guilt (Prequel 1)
- Severed Ties (Prequel 2)
- Strands of Time (Book 1)
- Coils of Revenge (Book 2)
- Shattered Souls (Book 3)
- Fractured Bonds (Book 4)
- Scorched Threads (Book 5)
- Raging Tides (Book 6)

Stay tuned for the Ember Chronicles, which will continue Kallum's adventures between the events of "Shattered Souls" and "Raging Tides." Available summer 2023.

Publisher Description:

Stand in the line of fire or embark on a dangerous mission? Khara’s choice is to escape. But where can she go when her worst enemy lurks within?

Khara, a teen soldier in the Mythren army, yearns for freedom. Faced with a moral dilemma, she takes a stand, defies the army’s rules, and stands in the line of fire. Literally.

So when a high-value scientist is taken hostage, Khara seizes the opportunity, joins the rescue team, and leaves the army’s Compound. Little does she know about the dangers that lurk in the forests and mountains: beasts, bandits, and a strange stalker who’s sabotaging their mission.

To top it all off, Khara’s biggest enemy is…herself. During bouts of memory loss, another being surfaces from within her—a fierce, ruthless warrior. One who won’t hesitate to hurt the people Khara cares about.

Belor, the kidnapped scientist, is the only one with the cure. The race is on to find him before Khara loses complete control and the warrior unleashes chaos.

Will they get to Belor in time?

A story about integrity, identity, loyalty and a flawed heroine, Shattered Souls is the third installment of the Aeterna Chronicles coming-of-age science fantasy series.

If you like Marissa Meyer, Veronica Rossi, Marie Rutkoski, Marie Lu, or Amie Kaufman, discover Kris Ruhler’s science fantasy series and journey into new worlds today.

The Aeterna Chronicles is a complete 6-book series with two prequels.

Shackles of Guilt — Prequel 1: B09ZRT3J6Z
Severed Ties — Prequel 2: B0BGFP2RKC
Strands of Time — Book 1: B09WMBV3MF
Coils of Revenge — Book 2: B09XJWW3RF
Shattered Souls — Book 3: B0B349RQ45
Fractured Bonds — Book 4: B0BGFQ5LWZ
Scorched Threads — Book 5: B0BKK8R7FM
Raging Tides — Book 6: B0BMSF5XB6

Kallum’s adventures (books 1 & 2) will return in the Ember Chronicles which takes place between the events described in Shattered Souls, book 3, and Raging Tides, book 6.

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