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Dragon Surf

Dragon Surf

by D. G. Driver with Jeni Bautista Richard

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling journey with "Dragon Surf" by D. G. Driver and Jeni Bautista Richard, a captivating Teen & Young Adult novel perfect for fans of indie books. Follow Eric Long, whose world is turned upside down on his 15th birthday when visions of an ancient Chinese dragon tamer and her dragon plague his mind. When he encounters a real-life dragon on Dragon's Bluff beach, he realizes that the visions are the dragon's memories. As Eric delves deeper into his connection with the dragon, he uncovers family secrets and a dangerous legacy. Perfect for readers seeking a unique blend of surf culture and Chinese mythology, "Dragon Surf" is a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get your copy today on!

Publisher Description:

Eric Long’s dad is a champion surfer. His mom is an artist, obsessed with Chinese dragons. On his 15th birthday, both of his parents’ interests collide and change everything he knows about the world.

While on a surfing vacation with his father up near Santa Cruz, California, Eric has visions of a woman from Imperial China with the ability to control a dragon and the emperor who wanted to exploit her talent to fight a war. One foggy morning, Eric and a new surfing friend sneak down to see the off-limits Dragon’s Bluff beach near their motel, and he is rescued from drowning by a real-life dragon. This is the dragon of his visions!

Now Eric realizes that those visions are the dragon’s memories. But why is he able to see them? Why is the dragon warning him to leave and never come back? Could Eric be a descendant of the Dragon Tamer? How dangerous will it be if he stays and tries to find the answers?

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