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Extremely Puzzled

Extremely Puzzled (The Puzzled Mystery Adventure Series Book 3)

by P.J. Nichols

FBT review:

Get swept away in a thrilling adventure with "Extremely Puzzled," the latest installment in The Puzzled Mystery Adventure series by P.J. Nichols. Perfect for teens and young adults, this book is filled with suspense, mystery, and a touch of fantasy.

Follow Peter and his friends as they navigate the changing seasons in Clearville. As winter approaches and Christmas draws near, Peter feels a nagging sense of responsibility. With his good intentions in mind, he sets out on a quest that will put their talents to the test, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Ideal for fans of popular mystery series like A to Z Mysteries and Boxcar Children, this book blends suspense, solving riddles, and action-packed adventure. Whether you're looking for a thrilling read or a challenge to solve alongside the characters, "Extremely Puzzled" is the perfect choice. Grab your copy today and join Peter and his friends on their latest thrilling quest.

Publisher Description:

An adventure story series filled with suspense, mystery, and fantasy - for kids ages 9-12 and teens

Fall is changing to winter in Clearville, mere months after Peter and his friends went up against their second supernatural adversary.

The positives in Peter’s life are adding up: He and Nicola have never been happier. Classes at school are far more interesting than he had anticipated. And Christmas, his favorite time of year, is just around the corner.

However, something begins to eat away at Peter’s conscience, and he feels compelled to act. But even when one has only good intentions in mind, unpredictable—or possibly even disastrous—consequences can occur.

For the third time in less than three years, Peter and his friends’ talents are put to the test. And anything less than perfection will mean a terrifying, unthinkable, impossible-to-live-with outcome…

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This book is ideal for fans of:

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Crime Travelers
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Harry Potter
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