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by Michael Kelso

FBT review:

Introducing "Endzone" by Michael Kelso, a captivating Teen & Young Adult book that will ignite your passion for reading. Join young Billy Watkins as he embarks on a journey that will challenge his love for football. When Billy's pro football player friend gets injured, he uncovers the dark side of the sport and becomes fiercely determined to confront the commissioner of the Professional Football Association. Will Billy's courage and determination be enough to shed light on the truth and help his friend? This Indie Book title is sure to captivate fans who enjoy thought-provoking stories about friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what is right. Embrace the next thrilling adventure in your search for the perfect eBook read. Get your copy of "Endzone" on today!

Publisher Description:

What if the fans told pro football to take a hike?Young Billy Watkins has always loved football. When befriended by a pro player, it seems like Billy's football dreams have come true. But when his friend gets injured, Billy discovers the dark side of the sport. He finds himself at odds with the commissioner of the Professional Football Association when Billy confronts him about his friend along with his lies about the kneeling players protests. Will the commissioner merely dismiss him, or will Billy's courage win the day and help his friend?

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