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Breaking News

Breaking News

by Melissa Knight

FBT review:

Welcome to the exciting world of "Breaking News" by Melissa Knight! In this captivating Teen & Young Adult book, Casey is navigating the highs and lows of her junior year while facing new challenges and unexpected emotions. As a member of the school newspaper, she discovers the power of listening to God and finding strength in the midst of life's breaking news.

If you are an indie book lover looking for your next read, "Breaking News" is a must-add to your list! This fourth installment in the High School 101 Series will delight and inspire readers as they follow Casey's journey of self-discovery and the possibilities that come with growing up.

Whether you seek heartwarming romance or relatable coming-of-age tales, "Breaking News" is the perfect choice. Get ready to be touched by Melissa Knight's engaging storytelling and immerse yourself in a tale of faith, friendship, and embracing the unexpected. Don't miss out on this sensational read—grab your copy of "Breaking News" now!

Publisher Description:

It’s the beginning of Casey’s junior year, and expectations are high! She’s not the new girl at school any more, she has a position on the school newspaper, and best of all- Ben is coming back home! Will their relationship finally change, from “just friends” to something more romantic?

Life brings constant challenges, and emotions can range from joy to grief in the same day. Join Casey as she learns to listen to God and deal with the “breaking news” any moment might bring.

“Breaking News” is the fourth book in the Christian YA High School 101 Series.

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