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TWO HEARTS UNSPOKEN TARGETS (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 11)

by Tamara Ferguson

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming and suspenseful romance novel to dive into? Look no further than "Two Hearts Unspoken Targets" by Tamara Ferguson. This indie book follows the story of Elizabeth Bowen, a single mother of a severely autistic son, and Zach Logan, a wounded warrior with a haunting past. When their paths cross at Dragonfly Pointe, their instant connection is undeniable. As they navigate their growing love, Zach's PTSD triggers disturbing flashbacks of a brutal murder, putting their lives in danger. With an intriguing blend of romance and suspense, this book is perfect for fans of indie bestsellers seeking a captivating and inspiring read. Explore this extended version of the original novel and get ready to be swept away by the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit. Available now on

Publisher Description:

Wounded Warrior Air Force Captain Zach Logan Experiences Flashbacks Of Murder. Can He Keep His New Love And Her Autistic Son Safe From A Killer?

The single mom of a severely autistic son, Elizabeth Bowen is a full-time accountant in Illinois. But the plant where she’s been working will be closing soon, due to the struggling economy in Illinois. She’s had her hands full with her son Kyle, since his father’s been long out of the picture, so when the opportunity to enroll Kyle in a vocational facility in Wisconsin comes up, she gladly accepts.

Retired air force captain, Zachary Logan, is a wounded warrior, searching for a new life for himself outside of the air force. When he relocates to the town of Crystal Rock at the invitation of his friend, Luke Bryant, he realizes he’s found it, and accepts the position of administrator at the recently built wounded warrior facility.

When Beth and Zach meet at the beach at Dragonfly Pointe, their attraction to each other is instantaneous. And the most wonderful thing of all? Zach is accepting of her special needs son, Kyle, for exactly who he is.

But battling PTSD, Zach experiences flashbacks of a gruesome murder. Can he keep his new love and autistic son safe when they’re all targeted by the killer?

This is the extended version of the original Two Hearts Unspoken, as ROMANTIC SUSPENSE, originally published in the USA Today Bestseller, Do No Harm.

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