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Inheritance Boxset

Inheritance Boxset

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Looking for your next captivating indie book read? Look no further than the Inheritance Boxset by Mary Jane Forbes. This romance series is packed with all the elements you desire: inherited wealth, love, scandal, and gripping plot twists.

Follow the journey of Teddi Pickler in the first book, Contested, as she grapples with the choices between a big city career and a small-town love. In the second book, Torn, Teddi faces the decision of choosing between career success and a good man. Book three, Lockdown, takes an unexpected turn as a global pandemic threatens Teddi's love affair and inheritance. Get ready for more excitement in Heist, as a widow's Christmas is stolen... again.

The fifth book, Broken, explores the challenges faced by a rancher and his family on the US Southern Border. And finally, in Moment, book six, join four brothers-in-arms on a mission to save America amidst political turmoil.

With its mix of romance, mystery, and socially relevant themes, the Inheritance Boxset is sure to captivate and entertain. Dive into this action-packed series today and experience the power of love, loss, and the pursuit of happiness. Purchase your copy now and become engrossed in the world of Inheritance.

Publisher Description:

Inheritance, money, love and scandal. Is there any better combination?

The big city and a high-flying job… or a small town and a handsome man. Which would you choose?
Theodora “Teddi” Pickler is living the high life in New York City, working for a glitzy interior design magazine. However, her world gets turned upside down when her beloved grandfather suddenly passes away.

TORN – Book 2
What’s more important: career success or the love of a good man? Decisions, decisions…
Teddi feels like she’s finally got her life on track. But a curveball is waiting just around the corner when Teddi’s old boss, Claire, calls her up and asks her to move back to NYC to save the failing magazine.

Love, loss, and lockdown… can a global pandemic destroy a great love affair?
After the death of her boss, Wilford, Teddi is unexpectedly left everything in his Will, including the magazine and his vast millions. Add to that the global COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

HEIST – Book 4
A widow robbed of her joy once again. A prolific cop whose world comes crashing down. And two young lovers left to choose between love and freedom. Will they ever get their happy endings?
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
“I’ve been robbed! My Christmas was stolen…AGAIN.”

BROKEN – Book 5
A champion bull. A rancher at his wit’s end. And a family searching for a brighter future.
A Gripping Modern-Day Western and Family Saga Set on the Shattered US Southern Border

Four brothers-in-arms, a country in disrepair, and an ambitious dream to save America.
Expertly weaving real political issues with larger-than-life characters and thought-provoking social commentary, the sixth book in the Inheritance series is a deeply authentic literary fiction novel that sparks valuable reflections on the challenges currently facing America, while also charming your heart with feel-good romance and the power of camaraderie.

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