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Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Broken-Hearted Husband

Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Broken-Hearted Husband

by Faith Johnson

FBT review:

Are you a fan of indie book titles and in search of your next great read? Look no further than "Mail Order Bride: The Bride's Broken-Hearted Husband" by Faith Johnson. Polly Danforth is a young woman determined to shake up her life and find true excitement. So, she takes a leap of faith and becomes a mail-order bride, heading off to Clover, Colorado. There, she meets Wes Mason, a man who has suffered a devastating loss and is left soul-crushed. Hoping to bring him back to life, Wes's father invites Polly into their lives. But can love truly heal a broken heart? In this heartwarming summer romance, Faith Johnson spins a tale that will leave you captivated and lost in the beauty of love's healing power. Don't miss out on this Amazon bestseller that promises to warm your heart and leave you longing for more. Order your copy of "Mail Order Bride: The Bride's Broken-Hearted Husband" today.

Publisher Description:

From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson..comes this wonderful Summer Mail Order Bride Story...

Polly Danforth is ready to make a change. Although her life is comfortable enough, at twenty-three, she wants to feel excited to rise each morning and face the day ahead. So, after careful consideration and prayer, Polly decides that she will become a mail-order bride. And soon, she is travelling to Clover, Colorado, at the behest of a desperate father hoping to help his heartsick son.

The town of Clover has suffered a terrible tragedy. A mine collapse has killed everyone working there that day, including Wes Mason’s four brothers. And like the town itself, Wes has lost the will to go on—not quite dead, but dead inside. And so, Wes’s father has taken it upon himself to extend his invitation to Polly, hoping that a wife is exactly what his son needs to find happiness again.

But is love enough to mend a broken heart?

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