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Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other

by Karen Cogan

FBT review:

"Made For Each Other" is a heartwarming Christian romance that will capture the attention of readers searching for their next indie ebook. In this enchanting small town love story, Lissa's ambition clashes with Jason's unwavering values, creating doubt and fear. As their relationship blossoms, they must bridge the emotional gap between their dreams and insecurities. Written by Karen Cogan, this captivating romance explores themes of love, faith, and self-discovery. Perfect for readers who enjoy indie book titles, "Made For Each Other" will leave you engrossed in its tender tale, as Lissa and Jason navigate the challenges that come with finding their perfect match. Get lost in this inspirational love story, available now on

Publisher Description:

In the beginning, Lissa’s ambition collides with Jason’s unwavering values, casting shadows of doubt and fear. Will they bridge this emotional gap and cherish their feelings? Or will their dreams and insecurities drive them apart? In this charming small town Christian romance, love, faith, and self-discovery blossom in a captivating romance.

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