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Always and Forever : A Sweet Western Contemporary Romance

Always and Forever : A Sweet Western Contemporary Romance (Millennial Mail-Order Bride Romance Series Book 1)

by Zoe Matthews

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming and inspiring romance novel? Look no further than "Always and Forever: A Sweet Western Contemporary Romance" by Zoe Matthews. This captivating story follows the lives of Quinn, a rancher who dreams of starting his own software business, and Grace, a hardworking single mother trying to make ends meet.

They meet on an online Christian dating website and agree to a marriage of convenience. Quinn hopes Grace will help him with his business plans, while Grace sees the arrangement as a way to provide a better life for her young daughter. But as they navigate the twists and turns of married life, will their relationship evolve from convenience to something more?

This indie title is perfect for readers who enjoy millennial mail-order bride romances and are looking for their next captivating read. With its heartfelt storyline and relatable characters, "Always and Forever" will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Grab your copy today and let this sweet romance sweep you off your feet.

Publisher Description:

A young mother who is doing her best to keep things together. A rancher who would much rather start up his own software business.

Quinn finds out that his grandfather has decided to be a modern-day matchmaker to his six grandchildren, but he isn't at all interested in marriage. He's spent his life running the family ranch, but he has his own plans for his future, one that doesn't include cows, horses, and manure.

Grace has been on her own since...forever. Now with a young daughter to support, she spends her days and nights working just to make ends meet and spends any free time she does have trying to finish a college degree.

They meet on an online Christian dating website and agree to marry with the plan to help each other out, Quinn with her young daughter and Grace with his plans to start a new business. But will this marriage be one of convenience like Quinn suggests or will it turn into love?

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