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Trouble on the Taj McCall

Trouble on the Taj McCall

by Linda Robinson

FBT review:

Trouble on the Taj McCall is a gripping literary fiction novel written by Linda Robinson, with themes of nature, human connections, and hope that will undoubtedly resonate with indie book lovers. Larabeth McCall is a woman seeking adventure on the road in an RV, while her husband, Elton, is content with their mundane life. But, as they embark on their journey, they face unforeseen challenges, including Larabeth's fears about a recent biopsy, Elton's health complications, and the harshness of the weather. Throughout their trip, Larabeth learns about the kindness of strangers, the importance of philanthropy, and the strength of her faith. Robinson's prose is vivid and poetic, capturing the essence of the American landscape while maintaining a realistic portrayal of her characters' emotional journeys. This book will inspire readers to reflect on their connections with the world around them and find comfort in their faith during times of adversity. Get your copy now and join the adventure on the Taj McCall!

Publisher Description:

“Traveling the countryside in a recreational vehicle reveals not just God’s beautiful artistry and breathtaking scenes. It exposes the secret weaknesses and strengths of your soul.”

Larabeth McCall has too much idle time since the youngest of her two daughters joined her sister in college. Blessed with an innate love of the great outdoors, Larabeth craves to explore nature in a motor home. But the empty-nest doldrums become the least of her worries as she awaits the results of a recent biopsy. With breast cancer having claimed lives in her family for the previous two generations, she has every reason for concern.

Unlike his wife, Elton McCall is not the adventurous sort but reconsiders her request to travel after he’s threatened with the possibility of losing the love of his life. He purchases a luxury motor home, leaves his business in his partner’s hands, and sets out with Larabeth to fulfill her dream on “The Taj McCall.” Surprisingly, Elton begins to enjoy the life-changing journey.

Wind, rain, sleet, and snowstorms aside, Elton’s sudden health issues create havoc and complicate their travel plans. An anxious Larabeth learns valuable lessons about people, poverty, and purpose—that God provides guardian angels, puts the needy in her path, and has a plan for her.

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