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The Other Ones

The Other Ones

by R. L. Mosz

FBT review:

Discover a gripping and emotionally charged journey in R. L. Mosz's Literary Fiction novel, "The Other Ones." Renowned physicist Damon Devereaux seeks solace from his abusive marriage by purchasing a dilapidated farmhouse, aiming to heal his shattered soul. High school student Lilianna Annesley, burdened by an upbringing filled with neglect and anxiety, finds a glimmer of hope as their innocent friendship develops.
But as their bond grows, the forces of darkness around them become malicious, generating criticism from those who do not understand. With danger looming, Damon and Lilianna must confront the evil that threatens to tear them apart and find the strength to live their greatest lives.
This thought-provoking tale delves into themes of resilience, love, and the power to overcome adversity. Perfect for readers of indie book titles, "The Other Ones" explores the intricacies of human relationships and the pursuit of happiness against all odds. Propel yourself into a world where courage and connection prevail. Grab your copy of "The Other Ones" on today.

Publisher Description:

Renowned physicist Damon Devereaux's abusive marriage has become a prison sentence, and he's doing hard time. In fear for his life, Damon moves away and files for divorce. To the surprise of his family, he purchases a dilapidated, turn-of-the-century farmhouse that is as badly in need of tender loving care as his shattered soul.
High school student Lilianna Annesley struggles to survive an upbringing with reprobate parents. Nothing she does ever pleases her family, and plagued with anxiety, her self-worth has eroded to almost nothing.
Damon and Lilianna meet and strike up an innocent friendship. But despite the mutually beneficial outcome, those surrounding the two grow critical of the attachment.
As the friendship continues to blossom, the forces against them grow malicious, and Damon and Lilianna must come to grips with the evil around them and learn to live their greatest lives.

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