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I NOT Buddy: Finding Me Book Two

I NOT Buddy: Finding Me Book Two

by Kameo Monson

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming and inspiring indie book to dive into? Look no further than "I NOT Buddy: Finding Me Book Two" by Kameo Monson. This literary fiction novel follows the journey of Kat, a single mother who is attempting to navigate the challenges of raising her autistic son, Joey, after being abandoned by her husband.

Set in a school setting, Kat's daily life is filled with meltdowns, food aversions, and potty-training woes, leaving her with little time for anything else. But when a handsome new vice principal enters her life, Kat is forced to confront her fears and insecurities about love and whether she can open her heart again.

"I NOT Buddy" goes beyond a simple romance novel, delving into themes of healing, second chances, and a mother's unwavering love. This compelling story will tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling inspired.

If you're in search of a beautifully written indie book that will leave you both moved and motivated, be sure to pick up "I NOT Buddy: Finding Me Book Two" by Kameo Monson. Available now on

Publisher Description:

After being abandoned by her husband, can Kat find it in herself to love again?

Three years after being abandoned by her then-husband, Kat works at the middle school across the street from her son's elementary school. It’s the perfect place to care for Joey while giving him space. Still, first grade and autism have their struggles. Meltdowns, food aversions, and above all, potty-training woes leave the school on edge and Kat with plenty to do.

As she continues fighting for Joey, the handsome new vice principal at work battles his way toward her heart, even after an unexpected visitor shows up on his doorstep. But Kat swears she only has space in her life for Joey.

Could she be wrong? Does she have room for someone else?

Heart-wrenching and hopeful, I NOT Buddy promises much more than romance. It offers a story of healing hearts, second chances, and a mother's unfailing love.

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