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Amish Heart  Book 1)

Amish Heart (Amish Sickness and Health (Loving Family Inpirational) Book 1)

by Rachel Stoltzfus

FBT review:

Discover the power of love, strength, and faith in "Amish Heart" by Rachel Stoltzfus. This compelling literary fiction book follows the heart-wrenching journey of Margarete King, a vibrant Amish girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when a hidden killer threatens to consume her. As her family fights to save her, cultural misunderstandings and a callous hospital administration stand in their way. Will their unwavering love and reliance on God be enough to give Margarete a fighting chance? This heartfelt story of resilience and hope is the first book in the "Amish Sickness and Health (Loving Family Inspirational)" series by Rachel Stoltzfus. Dive into this inspirational tale and experience the transformative power of family bonds.

Publisher Description:

Whatever it takes, this Amish family will save their daughter’s life.

Fourteen-year-old Margarete King has just finished school and take her first steps into a bright future. But when her body reveals a hidden killer, can she get help in time?

Or will cultural misunderstandings and a callous hospital administration send Margarete to a dark end? Or can the power of a family’s love give their child a fighting chance?

Book 1 of 3. Amish Heart is a Christian book of strength, heart and faith that shows how a family's love, with God’s help, can overcome the toughest trials.

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