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The King Over The Sea

The King Over The Sea

by S E Morgan

FBT review:

Discover a hidden gem in the world of indie historical fiction with "The King Over The Sea" by S.E. Morgan. Set in 43 AD, this captivating novel follows the journey of Maelon, a pagan Irish prince forced to study for a priesthood he despises. His path intertwines with that of Maewyn Succus, later known as Saint Patrick, and Dwynwen, a flame-haired cousin torn between duty and love. Loyalty, betrayal, and redemption shape their fates in this enchanting Celtic love story. Perfect for readers who enjoy historical tales with a twist, "The King Over The Sea" offers a unique and captivating look into forgotten legends. Find out if this lesser-known tale was the original inspiration behind well-known figures in Irish and Welsh history.

Publisher Description:

43 AD Tara, Ireland.“Be careful in your dealings with your uncles,” Maelon, pagan Irish prince and younger son is warned by his father, High King Niall.
Aged twelve, he is sent from his home and everyone he loves to study for a priesthood he despises. In Wales, he befriends Maewyn Succus, later better known as Patrick. When Maelon’s father dies, his worst fears are realised; his school is destroyed. He is forced to flee deep into the mountains, where he becomes besotted by his flame-haired cousin, Dwynwen. She must marry whomever her Christian father, King Brychan, dictates.
Dwynwen, Welsh patron saint of lovers and Saint Patrick of Ireland are well remembered, but Maelon’s name is long forgotten. Their fates are entwined by loyalty, betrayal and redemption. A Celtic love story that has echoed through centuries of re-casting, but was this the original?

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