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Wearing Skin: 12 Devilishly Dark Horror Short Stories

Wearing Skin: 12 Devilishly Dark Horror Short Stories (Wearing Horror)

by Simon Woodward

FBT review:

Are you a fan of dark, twisty, and unsettling horror stories? Then get ready to be captivated by "Wearing Skin: 12 Devilishly Dark Horror Short Stories" by award-winning author Simon Woodward. In this collection, you will dive into twelve gripping tales that will keep you up all night and leave you craving for more. From an amoral filmmaker experiencing the horrors of the world through an angel's eyes, to a living tattoo breaking the laws of ink, to a story of bigotry conquering true love through body swapping and immortality, these stories will take you on a terrifying journey unlike any other. If you enjoy the works of Stephen King, Joe Hill, or Clive Barker, this is a must-read for you. Click to buy now and immerse yourself in the chilling world of "Wearing Skin."

Publisher Description:

None of us are what we seem to be on the outside. We are all pretending. We are all wearing skin.

The Angel of Loughborough Junctions: An amoral filmmaker experiences the horror of the world through an angel’s eyes.
Children of Ink: A living tattoo breaks one of the Five Laws of Ink and suffers the terror of life away from flesh.
Wearing Skin: Bigotry conquers true love in a blood-splattered tale of body swapping, sex and immortality.
American Sexual Lobster: A seafood chef loses his mind and body on a night of shellfish slaughter.
Manny & the Monkeys: An egotistical writer’s life is ripped apart by escalating, and increasingly bizarre, coincidences.

These 12 unsettling short stories include the British Fantasy Society award-winning Manny & The Monkeys.

If you're a fan of Stephen King, Joe Hill or Clive Barker you'll love these dark stories with a twist. Get ready to stay up all night with award-winning horror author Simon Paul Woodward.

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