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by Julie L. Kramer

FBT review:

Discover the mesmerizing world of Nostra, a gripping fantasy novel by Julie L. Kramer. In a world where the future is dangerous to see, Nostra possesses the rare ability to glimpse into tomorrow. But when she is enlisted to help the Queen decide her son's fate, Nostra uncovers a realm filled with witchcraft, betrayals, and love that could put her very existence at risk.

As her visions become entangled with court intrigue, Nostra unravels the secrets of her powers and her forgotten past. Will she be able to save the boy she loves before it's too late?

Nostra is a captivating indie title that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you crave an immersive story with hints of romance and the supernatural, this is the perfect eBook for you. Pick up your copy today and unlock the mysteries of Nostra.

Publisher Description:

Seeing the future is dangerous...especially when I see things that people don’t want me to know.

I am THE Nostra, a title, but the name has been so lost to history that I am just called Nostra. I see the future, but only bits and pieces, so when I am asked to help the Queen decide who her son should marry, my head feels very much in danger.

As accusations of witchcraft, betrayals, and love fill the court and cloud my visions, I uncover more about my powers and my past, but will it be in time to save the boy I love?

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