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A Blood Deep Darkness

A Blood Deep Darkness (The Dark Reunion Series, Book 1)

by Tish Thomas

FBT review:

Step into a world where love and destiny collide in A Blood Deep Darkness, the first installment of The Dark Reunion Series by Tish Thomas. In this gripping fantasy novel, Camden Paratus, a rebel fighting against the oppressive Vampire regime, and Danielle Calen, a Lycan heiress on a quest for redemption, find themselves drawn to each other in a forbidden love that transcends time. As they navigate a world filled with violence and treachery, they must defy their predestined paths and face the devastating consequences of their connection. With a backdrop of war and a curse that spans generations, A Blood Deep Darkness is an epic tale that will captivate fans of indie books, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Publisher Description:

What if your love was doomed to end the world?

In a world shackled by the oppressive remnants of a Vampire insurrection, Camden Paratus, a daring rebel, wages a clandestine war against the vicious blood-system. His mission: to dismantle the malevolent forces that have gripped the globe since the Human Annihilation war. As an undercover operative, Camden races against time, haunted by the ghosts of his past failures, fueled by the desperate need to procure the elusive chapters of the Vampiric Triumph.

Enter Danielle Calen, a stunning Lycan heiress marked by tragedy and chased by her own lethal pack. Fleeing the clutches of a violent extremist group led by her former lover—a Alpha wolf fueled by a bloodthirsty madness—Danielle seeks redemption and salvation. Her determination to rescue her sister from a dark path of vengeance and death sets the stage for a collision of fate and desire.

In the tempest of their lives, Camden and Danielle find themselves entangled in a prophecy they once dismissed. The forbidden allure between them suddenly takes on a new, ominous significance. Amidst a backdrop of violence and treachery, where blood is the ultimate currency, their attraction unveils devastating consequences, intricately tied to a curse of love and revenge that transcends time.

As destiny, oppression, and war loom large, will Camden and Danielle summon the courage to defy their preordained paths? Or will their impassioned connection become the catalyst for a shocking and irreversible end?

Prepare for an epic tale of love, rebellion, and destiny, where every page unveils a world on the brink and a passion that defies the boundaries of time and death.

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