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Landfall (Chronicles of the Spice Wars Book 1)

by Victor Serrano

FBT review:

Discover a captivating read with "Landfall" (Chronicles of the Spice Wars Book 1) by Victor Serrano. This epic fantasy follows the invasion of the Syriot Empire on the shores of the Three Clans. Banisu, the young and distrusted Emperor of the Three Clans, must lead his people against the overwhelming might of the empire. Alongside is Vermilies, a translator who finds himself torn between loyalty and a desire for freedom. Meanwhile, the notorious pirate captain Black Bekhar seizes the opportunity the invasion brings, while the Prince of the Wastes and his war elephants offer their mercenary services. On the 2018 Wattys Longlist, Landfall promises a thrilling adventure for fans of indie fantasy.

Publisher Description:

The mighty warships of the Syriot Empire have made landfall on the distant shores of the Three Clans, a fractured society of scheming nobles. Banisu is the puppet Emperor of the Three Clans, a teenager not yet old enough to rule and distrusted by the clan leaders and monks for the crimes of his father many years ago. But how can he carry out a unified defense against the invasion if he can't even be trusted to lead his own people?

Sailing along with the invasion fleet is Vermilies, a translator for the Syriot Empire whose own homeland was conquered when he was a child. He has taken employment with the Syriot Empire in its quest to subjugate yet another land. After all, no one can stop the Syriot Empire's overwhelming might.

All who live along the coast and ply the sea lanes know the name of the ferocious pirate captain Black Bekhar. The invasion from the Syriot Empire threatens an end to his days of piracy. Yet an invasion also provides opportunities for those ruthless and cunning enough to seek them out, and no one is more ruthless and cunning than Black Bekhar.

The infamous mercenary leader known as the Prince of the Wastes roams the distant Veldtlands with his war elephants, taking service with any lord desperate and rich enough to afford his services. And what could be more desperate than a defense against the musket-armed forces of the Syriot Empire?

Landfall is an epic fantasy that was on the 2018 Wattys Longlist.

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