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The Exiled: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel

The Exiled: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel

by Krysten Harlow

FBT review:

Discover a captivating new world in "The Exiled: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel," the first book in the Chronicles of Lethia series by Krysten Harlow. Set in the Academy, where the archmage of darkness has returned, this thrilling tale follows a young protagonist with a bloodline believed to hold the key to defeating the dark one. Tasked with hunting down the dangerous Exiled, she must also uncover a spy amongst her fellow students. As she delves into the history of Lethia and its deep magic, she unravels a web of lies and deceit that threatens the future of her home. With its subterfuge, secrets, and ancient magic lore, this epic fantasy will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of indie book titles and love getting lost in gripping tales, don't miss out on this unique story told from multiple perspectives. Start your journey through Lethia today and experience the magic for yourself.

Publisher Description:

“Krysten Harlow brings a wonderful new fantasy world to life.” --Reader’s Favorite

The archmage of darkness has returned…

From the moment I stepped into the Academy, my world changed. Everyone is convinced my bloodline holds the key to defeating him. On top of that, I’m tasked with hunting the most deadly and elusive of fugitives—the Exiled.

The dark one’s chosen are preparing to make a move… but the real threat is closer to home. There’s a spy lurking in the Academy, and I'm inexplicably drawn to him.

The only person I find solace in is my roommate, who harbors secrets of her own. The uncanny resemblance she bears to a previous member of the Council, a woman murdered in darker days past, only deepens the mystery surrounding our intertwined fates.

Caught in the middle of a web of lies and deceit, the twisted games of an ancient foe begin. I must delve into the history of Lethia and its deep magic to unravel the truth behind our dark and powerful enemies.

The future of our home hangs delicately in the balance—can I summon the strength to save it?

The Exiled is the first book of the Chronicles of Lethia series. If you love epic fantasies brimming with subterfuge, secrets and ancient magic lore, then you won't want to miss out on this unique tale told between multiple perspectives.

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