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Blood Creek Beast: A paranormal fantasy

Blood Creek Beast: A paranormal fantasy (Blood Creek Saga Book 2)

by Jay Barnson

FBT review:

Step into a world of paranormal fantasy with "Blood Creek Beast: A paranormal fantasy" by Jay Barnson. This thrilling second installment of the Blood Creek Saga takes readers on a wild adventure filled with danger and suspense. Jack Parsons finds himself trapped in a mirror-image reality, where he must protect the crossroads from the immortal Man in the White Suit. Meanwhile, Jessabelle Rose is on the run from the dark forces of the Coven, striving to protect her family and prevent the darkness from consuming everything she holds dear. With each chapter ending in a cliffhanger, this indie book will keep you on the edge of your seat, itching to find out what happens next. Don't miss out on this captivating and immersive read that has garnered rave reviews from readers. Pick up "Blood Creek Beast" today and get lost in its mesmerizing pages.

Publisher Description:

Jack needs to stop the darkness from reaching the crossroads. Jessabelle worries the darkness has already arrived.

Jack Parsons dreamed of escaping small town life, but now that he's discovered what's "just 'round the bend", he's trapped in another world entirely. While this mirror-image reality is more wondrous than Jack ever imagined, it's also laced with danger. The crossroads is under attack and it's up to Jack to protect it from the immortal Man in the White Suit.

On the other side of the crossroads, Jessabelle Rose runs for her life. The Coven plans to use her shape-shifting powers for their own dark ends. But Jessabelle can't run forever. Mysterious deaths deep in the Appalachian Mountains mean the darkness is moving closer, and Jessabelle will need to risk everything to protect her family.

★★★★★ Each chapter raises the stakes and ends in a cliffhanger that kept me wanting to read just one more chapter late into the night. - Amazon Review

★★★★★ Made the mistake of starting this book at 10:30 pm. 6 hours later I finished the book and look at the clock... I'm only going to get 3 hours sleep tonight! - Kindle Reader

★★★★★ Jay builds onto the already complex tale, giving us a depth that both delights and intrigues—answering questions while introducing new ones with the promise of more to come. -Amazon Review

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