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Identity Revealed

Identity Revealed (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 1)

by J.M. Butler

FBT review:

Transport yourself to a world of fantasy, passion, and danger with Identity Revealed (Tue-Rah Chronicles Book 1) by J.M. Butler. This indie book title tells the story of Amelia, a cursed and isolated princess who is determined to save her people from an invading army led by the ruthless shapeshifting warlord, Naatos. But when Amelia learns she is betrothed to Naatos, her own fate becomes uncertain. The novel is a thrilling tale of enemies-to-lovers romance, with a slow-burn and dark humor that keeps you on your toes. Featuring dragon shifters, interdimensional multiverses, and time travel, the novel is perfect for fans of Thor: Ragnarok and A Court of Thorns and Roses. With no cheating involved, this series is perfect for anyone seeking a dystopian fantasy that combines passion and thrilling action. Order your copy of this epic tale today.

Publisher Description:

The fate of worlds has always rested on her shoulders... Only she never expected to marry her enemy.

Cursed and isolated, young princess Amelia lives with one goal: to rescue her people from an invading army. Her family is captured, the royal court slaughtered, and her people imprisoned, but she’s trained night and day to defeat the army’s shapeshifting warlord, Naatos. There’s only one problem: if she ever kills someone, she will die.

Naatos is determined to unite the many worlds beneath his rule, to save the ignorant populace from their foolish rulers and naive ambitions. His one weakness is the last living telepath. She doesn't even know who she really is, let alone what she will become… so he’ll twist her to his advantage.

To save her family and free her people, Amelia must defeat Naatos at any cost, even her own life. His power grows each day and he will not stop until he holds every realm in his grasp. The fate of worlds has always rested on her shoulders, but once she learns she’s betrothed to Naatos, her own fate is thrown into chaos. And when Naatos learns the truth, he vows to have her by any means necessary.

Amelia must defend her family and trillions of lives--as well as her own heart--from Naatos and his advances. Can she deter him from his bloodthirsty conquest, or will she have to make the ultimate deadly sacrifice?

Fans of THOR: RAGNAROK and A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES will not want to miss IDENTITY REVEALED, the first volume in this romantic epic fantasy!

Grab your copy now to fight for the fate of worlds, fall into enemies-to-lovers romance, cross paths with dragon shifters and monsters, and walk the tightropes of drama and intrigue...

This story does contain mature themes as well as dark situations. For more detailed trigger warnings, please visit my website jmbutlerauthor com for a list of triggers.There is no cheating in this series.


Enemies to lovers
Slow burn
He falls for her first
Touch her and die
Passionate friendships as well as romances
Found family
She's here to kill him
He falls hard
Dark humor
Villain romance
Time travel
Interdimensional multiverse

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