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Aberrant Monsters

Aberrant Monsters (New Blood: Eldritch Blues Book 1)

by Debbie Cassidy

FBT review:

Step into a world of monsters and arcane magic with Aberrant Monsters, the first book in the New Blood: Eldritch Blues series by Debbie Cassidy. The story follows a rift walker, one of the few humans who can enter the eldritch realm, who unwittingly becomes host to a psychotic aberration. Telarion takes possession of her body after sundown and delights in tormenting her with his grumbling voice and arrogant demands. She must find a way to evict him before it’s too late, but the supernatural agency governing Eldritch activity has other plans for them. They want them to work for them, hunting down other eldritch horrors in exchange for finding a way to separate them. But as the countdown begins, the rift walker fears she might already be turning into a monster herself. This paranormal urban fantasy with an MF romance will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Publisher Description:

Evicting a monster is no easy feat. Especially when the monster lives inside you.

I’m a rift walker, one of a handful of humans able to step into a world of monsters and arcane magic. We follow three simple rules:
Never step into the eldritch realm after sundown.
Never stay for more than an hour
Never, ever bring anything back

I broke all three rules.

Now my body is host to a psychotic aberration who materialises after sundown to haunt me in the flesh. Flesh arranged on a body made for sin, despite its monstrous proportions.

Telarion delights in tormenting me with his deep grumbling voice, and arrogant demands.
He wants out. He wants to be free, and I’m totally on board with finding a way to evict him.

But the Supernatural agency governing Eldritch activity have other plans for us.

They want us to work for them, hunting down other eldritch horrors. In return, they’ll refrain from exterminating us and find a way to separate us instead.

But the clock is ticking, because the longer we’re connected, the more I’m changing, and I’m afraid…Afraid that by the time they find a solution, it might be too late.

I might already be a monster.

A Paranormal Urban Fantasy with an MF romance.

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