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Mr. Right is a Myth

Mr. Right is a Myth

by Melina Druga

FBT review:

Looking for a contemporary book that will captivate your heart and inspire you? Look no further than "Mr. Right is a Myth," by Melina Druga. This follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Sexual Awakening" takes readers on a journey through the ups and downs of Cassie Economos' life as she navigates college and the search for love.

With her strict set of rules, Cassie is determined to find the perfect partner. But as she faces a string of disappointments and challenging situationships, she begins to question if "Mr. Right" even exists. Set in the 90s, this book immerses readers in the college experience, complete with continental relationship shifts and the pursuit of dreams.

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Publisher Description:

This heartfelt follow-up to Sexual Awakening follows its ambitious diarist to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where her hopes and dreams for the future are further tested by a string of social hiccups.

Cassie Economos has rules. If a new boyfriend can’t wait two months to have sex with her, he’s not the guy for her. If he refuses to wear a condom, he’s not the guy for her. And if dating him would mean maintaining a long-distance relationship, he’s… well, you get the picture.

She’s got her life planned out, and she knows better than to try to make things work with someone who can’t agree on the basics, like where to live and whether to have kids. But Cassie isn’t perfect, and the more disappointing situationships she finds herself in, the more she wonders if there’s even such a thing as a “Mr. Right.”

But Cassie doesn’t have time to worry too much about that. Her four years at U of I are passing quickly, which means it’s time for her to chart her final course: toward Chicago, the city of her dreams.

Readers are in for a rollicking ride through college life in the ’90s here, as Cassie and her friends wade through continental relationship shifts.

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