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Four Letter Words: Act 1

Four Letter Words: Act 1

by Haley BCU

FBT review:

Four Letter Words: Act 1 by Haley BCU is a gripping and unconventional contemporary book that will have you hooked from the first page. Ally Jean, a high school senior, has had her fair share of losses in life. But when she falls hard for her substitute gym teacher, she knows their relationship is doomed from the start. Despite the odds stacked against them, they manage to make it work until their secret is revealed by a boss and a tyrannical mother. With everything at stake, Ally Jean wonders if she'll ever be able to escape her tumultuous life. If you're a fan of indie book titles and enjoy gritty drama, Four Letter Words: Act 1 is definitely a must-read. Get ready for a page-turning ride that will leave you wanting more. Available now on

Publisher Description:

Ally Jean is a loser. First? She lost her brother. Then, her dad. Her life is next when she meets a man and falls hard. Only problem? She's a high school senior and he's her substitute gym teacher. They can never work. But, somehow, they do—until his douchebag boss and her tyrannical mother discover their tryst. With everything on the line, Ally Jean wonders what'll happen when she finally snaps. At least it'll be one heck of a show.

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