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Who Does Your Mommy Love?

Who Does Your Mommy Love?

by Svetlana Ryabova

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming children's book that will make your little one feel loved? Look no further than "Who Does Your Mommy Love?" by Svetlana Ryabova. This delightful story, perfect for children up to three years old, takes your child on a journey to discover how much their mommy loves them. With short and tender animal dialogues and expressive illustrations, this book is sure to captivate your child's imagination. Plus, the unique feature allows you to personalize the story by adding your child's photo, making them the star of the book. Created with the help of child psychologist Halina Navoyeva, this book not only brings you closer to your child but also aids in their emotional intelligence development. Get your copy of "Who Does Your Mommy Love?" today and create heartwarming moments during shared reading experiences.

Publisher Description:

This book will help every child from the age up to three to feel how his/her mother expresses her love.

Inside, you'll find:
Short and tender animal dialogues
Expressive and positive illustrations
A chance to personalize and make your child a hero of the book
Child psychologist Halina Navoyeva was involved in the creation of this book.
So it can be said with confidence that reading" Who Does Your Mommy Love?" together not only brings children and adults closer to each other but also has an impact on the development of a baby's emotional intelligence.
Parent reads
The child listens
Your child looks at the pictures in the book
Your child repeats sounds and mimics the book's characters, certain words, and movements
Your child uses certain words and movements, playing his/her own games
Your child starts to really feel how much his/her mom loves him

The book's unique feature is that you can make your baby the main character of this story! To do this, stick his or her photo on the last page. This will make your child enjoy the book more and feel real excitement.

We hope that "Who Does Your Mommy Love?" becomes a cherished addition to your collection.
We are confident that this book will create heartwarming moments during shared reading experiences!

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