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Girl and Unicorn

Girl and Unicorn

by Alex Fabler

FBT review:

Introducing "Girl and Unicorn - New Bedtime Story," a delightful children's book that will captivate young readers aged 4-8. Written by Alex Fabler, this enchanting tale is perfect for bedtime reading or for independent first-grade readers.

Follow the adventures of a curious girl as she sets off on a magical journey with her unicorn companion to find answers to her many questions about the world. Together, they visit incredible places, encounter fairytale creatures, and discover the true meaning of love and tenderness.

With its easy-to-read language, engaging storyline, and captivating illustrations, this book is perfect for children who adore stories about unicorns. It's a great gift to say "Goodnight" and spark the imagination of your little one.

Whether you are looking for a popular bedtime story or seeking inspiration for the next eBook to read, "Girl and Unicorn - New Bedtime Story" is a must-have addition to your child's bookshelf. Order your copy today and embark on a magical adventure that will leave a lasting impression!

Publisher Description:

This is a new version of the book from 03/27/2023. New story, old bedtime story. Better, more interesting and more adapted to a bedtime story!

This book is a perfect gift for the little girl that adores stories about unicorns. You can read it to your child before going to sleep and it will the best way to say “Goodnight”!

This children's book about the girl that has a lot of questions dealt with wondering how the world works. The fairy tale unicorn helps her to find all the answers. They set off on the magical journey and visited amazing places. The whole book is full of love and tenderness and your child will be gradually absorbed in the magic and fantasy world of fairytale creatures.

This book will suit:

for boys and girls 4-8 years old;
for everyone who loves stories about unicorns;
for reading to a child 5 minutes before bedtime;
for independent first grade reading.

The is a story book for kids ages 4-8 written in plain language, it is easy to read, and its illustrations are a kind of real magic! We sincerely hope that it will make a really good impression on you and your child.

Promotion: Jul 15, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024

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