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More Than Once Upon a Time

More Than Once Upon a Time

by Kristy Dixon

FBT review:

Step into a captivating world of magic and adventure with "More Than Once Upon a Time" by Kristy Dixon. In this enchanting Teen & Young Adult book, Olivia discovers that the stories she thought were only make-believe are real. Trapped in a whimsical fairy-tale realm, she teams up with Jerron, a fellow captive, in a quest to find a way back home. As they navigate through various tales, Olivia and Jerron begin to question their disbelief in love and destiny. But a malevolent darkness lurks, seeking to corrupt or even kill them. Will they find their way out and rewrite their own happy ending? This indie title is perfect for readers searching for a heartwarming and imaginative eBook to lose themselves in.

Publisher Description:

Olivia doesn't believe in happily-ever-afters. Tales like that only happen in children’s storybooks. The real world is a harsh, unforgiving place where true love is fiction—Or so she thought.

A chance encounter with a meddling woman catapults Olivia into a whimsical fairy-tale realm, with her playing the part of the reluctant protagonist. Trapped in a land of make-believe, Olivia must navigate each story in her search for a way out.

Within the chapters, she meets Jerron, a fellow romance-jaded captive whose belief in love has dwindled with every scripted romance. Bound by their desire to escape, they team up and discover happiness may be the key to returning home.

Somewhere, among the pages of their adventure, the connection between the pair deepens and their views on love and destiny begin to shift. As they attempt to rewrite a new ending, they come face-to-face with a malevolent darkness lurking within the realm.

Every fairy tale has its villain, and this one seeks to corrupt them… or kill them.

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