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The Least Significant

The Least Significant

by Ron Corriveau

FBT review:

Experience a thrilling journey into a world of mystery and adventure with "The Least Significant" by Ron Corriveau. This captivating science fiction novel will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

When a clever alien thief escapes to Earth with a vital object, he must find a way to blend in with the people to avoid capture. His solution? Borrowing the body of Marcus, a young man engaged to Catherine. Suddenly, Marcus disappears, leaving Catherine bewildered and desperate for answers.

Enter a mysterious man who claims to be chasing the alien thief. He offers to help Catherine bring Marcus back, but as they get closer to their goal, shocking truths are revealed about Marcus and the incredible alien planet he comes from.

Perfect for fans of indie books, "The Least Significant" combines suspense, romance, and a touch of otherworldly intrigue. Discover why readers can't put this thrilling science fiction novel down. Grab your copy today and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure.

Publisher Description:

An alien thief has escaped to Earth with an object of critical importance to his planet.

With the authorities close behind, the thief plans to hide by blending in among the people. However, his native form would make him stand out, so he'll need to borrow a human body.

And he has a specific one in mind.

Catherine and Marcus are a young couple enjoying the evening of their engagement downtown when Marcus suddenly vanishes in a burst of shimmering lights. Unable to explain his disappearance, a mysterious man soon approaches Catherine, who tells her the thief he is chasing has taken over Marcus' body.

Unsure whether to believe him, Catherine reluctantly agrees to help when she learns the man can return Marcus to his body. But, as they begin to close in on the thief, Catherine uncovers a shocking truth about Marcus and the alien planet more fantastic than she ever imagined.

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