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You Have Made My Heart:

You Have Made My Heart: (An Anthology of Sweet, Clean and Christian Romance to Benefit Charity)

by Corilyn Holloway

FBT review:

Discover the heartwarming and enchanting world of "You Have Made My Heart: An Anthology of Sweet, Clean and Christian Romance to Benefit Charity." This captivating collection of six romance stories will captivate and warm your heart.

From single dads finding unexpected love to courageous single moms navigating life's challenges, each story explores themes of family, love, and faith. With small-town settings, animal rescues, and endearing characters, these stories will transport you to a world filled with hope and romance.

But the magic of this anthology doesn't end there. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center, supporting a worthy cause with every purchase.

Whether you're a fan of clean romance, enjoy Christian fiction, or simply love heartwarming stories, this anthology has something for everyone. Join these talented authors, including Corilyn Holloway, Gayle M. Irwin, and more, as they weave tales of love and redemption.

Start reading "You Have Made My Heart" now and experience the joy and beauty of sweet, clean, and Christian romance in these unforgettable stories.

Publisher Description:

A springtime collection of heartwarming and romantic tales celebrating love, motherhood and family.

These six sweet, clean and Christian romances from authors Emily Dana Botrous, Deb Goodman,
Corilyn Holloway, Gayle M. Irwin, Michelle Kamp and Katherine Moore have everything any romantic
heart desires. The stories include single dads and single moms, grumps and sunshines, small towns
and animal rescues, plus so much more.

The best part is that all the proceeds will be donated to Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center of Athens, Texas.

You'll get all of these wonderful stories in this one collection:

The Grump Who Doesn't Belong Next Door by Emily Dana Botrous –
He’ll come, he’ll see, he’ll leave. That’s Anthony Lucio’s only goal when he is forced to travel to small-town Iowa for his sick mother. But he didn’t count on the young single mother who lives next door becoming a daily dose of sunshine he never knew he was missing.

Just a Road Trip by Deb Goodman –
Hi. My name is Violet, I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’m a book addict. Minutes before I embark on a cross-country trip to save my favorite bookstore—the magical place where I learned to read as a kid—my mom confesses something. She’s asked Hayden Simmons, a successful and handsome business owner with a brand-new, high-end motorhome, to accompany me, there’s a lot of shock and awe going on. This was supposed to be my own thing—a pilgrimage of sorts. And if I don’t present the bookstore with the crowdfunded money in a few days, they’ll go under.
I will not let that happen.

Keep Me on the Bayou by Corilyn Holloway –
When the light breaks through can two unlikely people find a keeping kind of love? Trent hoped a new start in his hometown would make things easier for him and his kids, but the steady grind and a nagging bitterness leave him under a constant cloud… until his daughter’s sunshiny catechism teacher changes everything… Tonya’s had her share of disappointments and heartaches, but teaching the littles at her church and dipping her toes into the warm sands of the bayou are enough… until one grumpy father changes everything.

Rescue My Heart by Gayle M. Irwin –
Events from the past could destroy their present and future. When Ellie and Nathan connect over a respect for nature and love for her deceased grandfather, they work together to maintain and grow the legacy of her family farm. However, when their challenging pasts are revealed, will their new-found love shrivel like a prairie flower during drought or grow and take flight like a young bird?

Change of Heart by Michelle Kamp –
When Elise finds out her mother moved from their hometown of Seattle to a farm in Arizona, she flies straight there to see what’s going on and the small-town life shocks her.
Jonah, the enticing single dad next door, certainly doesn't make her plan to get her mom back home any easier.

Mama Llama by Katherine Moore –
When a lifelong Washingtonian unexpectedly inherits some ranch land in New Mexico, she and her grandmother travel west, planning on unloading the place and moving on with their crowded, crazy, city lives. But something quite unexpected happens—and not just the freak snowstorm that strands them there—and before long, neither woman has any intention of leaving Santa Fe any time soon.
What caused this change of heart? Was it the grumpy ranch foreman? His military vet son? Or was it the menagerie of critters who call the place their forever home?
The heart has its reasons.

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