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Why Choose the Stepbrothers: A Reverse Harem Romance

Why Choose the Stepbrothers: A Reverse Harem Romance (Sugar D's Speed Dating)

by Sylvie Haas

FBT review:

Looking for a steamy romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than "Why Choose the Stepbrothers: A Reverse Harem Romance (Sugar D's Speed Dating)" by Sylvie Haas. This thrilling novel explores the forbidden romance between step-siblings who find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. As they navigate their complex feelings, they must also contend with the disapproval of their family and the dangerous world of the biker gang they are involved in. This reverse harem romance is perfect for fans of unique and unconventional love stories with plenty of twists and turns. With its charming and witty writing style and well-drawn characters, "Why Choose the Stepbrothers" is the perfect choice for those looking for a page-turner that will keep them engaged from beginning to end. So why not dive into this exciting new novel today and see what all the fuss is about?

Publisher Description:

Spying on my new stepbrothers isn’t supposed to land me in their bed!

My dad could have married any woman on the planet, but he upset our happy little family of two by choosing a woman with four sons. So before proper introductions are made, I do what any self-respecting daughter would do—I convince my best friend to help me spy on my stepbrothers at the local bar.
They’re bikers.
Bikers who happen to be several years older than me.
Bikers who happen to be thick and gruff and make my nether region beg for…experience. Not something I can ask my stepbrothers for.
It’s just what I hope to get with one of the guys from Sugar D’s Speed Dating, which is where I head after scoping out my new family members.
There are several applicants I could be proud of taking home to meet my father, but my mind keeps going back to my stepbrothers.
It’s getting so bad, it’s like I’m actually seeing them, hearing them…but it’s not my imagination. I am seeing and hearing them. They’re at Sugar D’s and they’re insisting I go home with them.
How did they find me? And why am I considering asking if they’ll spank me if I don’t obey?

If you don’t like having to choose ‘just one’ when it comes to donuts or men, you better submit an application for Sugar D’s Speed Dating! These heroes are dirty-talkers with over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman…plenty of bikers and babies!

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