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Valley of Gems: A Southwest Adventure Romance

Valley of Gems: A Southwest Adventure Romance (Treasure Hunting Romantic Suspense Book 2)

by Kris Bock

FBT review:

Valley of Gems by Kris Bock is an action-packed Southwest adventure romance that will definitely keep you on your toes. When Rebecca Westin learns that her grandfather has left her a buried treasure, she is thrilled but soon realizes that she must decipher a complicated series of clues in order to find it, especially since her half-siblings are also in the hunt. But with the help of a charmer, who makes the desert adventure sexy and enjoyable, the pair soon find themselves in a race against a dangerous man who will do anything to get the treasure. A perfect mix of adventure, romance, and suspense, Valley of Gems is a fun and thrilling read that will keep you guessing until the very end.

If you love independent book titles and are looking for a new adventure, you can't go wrong with Kris Bock's Southwest Romantic Suspense series. This page-turning series includes Desert Gold, Valley of Gems, and Silver Canyon, with each book standing alone and complete in its own right. So, if you're in search of your next great eBook, be sure to add Valley of Gems to your must-read list.

Publisher Description:

This quest will change her life.

Rebecca Westin is shocked to learn the grandfather she never knew has left her a bona fide buried treasure – but only if she can decipher a complex series of clues leading to it. The hunt would be challenging enough without interference from her half-siblings, who are determined to find the treasure first and keep it for themselves. 

Good thing Rebecca has recruited some help, in the form of a green-eyed charmer determined to show her that a desert adventure can be sexy and fun. But there’s a treacherous wildcard in the mix, a man willing to do anything to get that treasure – and revenge. In a frantic race across New Mexico, Rebecca will have to ignore caution in a defiant bid for victory. If she fails, she could lose everything. 

Action and romance combine in this lively Southwestern adventure, complete with riddles the reader is invited to solve to identify historical and cultural sites around New Mexico. 

The Southwest Romantic Suspense series includes Desert Gold, Valley of Gems, and Silver Canyon.  Each novel stands alone and is complete, with no cliffhangers. This series mixes action and adventure with light romance in the Southwest. This series was originally published as The Mad Monk’s Treasure, The Dead Man’s Treasure, and The Skeleton Canyon Treasure.

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