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TWO HEARTS' ALLIANCE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 15)

by Tamara Ferguson

FBT review:

Discover the thrilling and heartfelt romance of "Two Hearts' Alliance" by Tamara Ferguson, the 15th book in the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance series. Captains Jeremy Northrup and Christine Cameron McKay are brought together by fate, but their connection faces obstacles. Christine is trapped in a loveless marriage, while Jeremy battles his own demons. When they meet again during a dangerous mission, their alliance becomes stronger than ever. As they navigate danger, intrigue, and unexpected twists, their undeniable attraction grows. Can they admit their love and overcome the challenges that await them? Dive into this captivating indie romance and join Jeremy and Christine on their journey towards a happily ever after. Get your copy of "Two Hearts' Alliance" now and experience the power of true love.

Publisher Description:

When Fate Steps In To Reunite Air Force Captains Jeremy Northrup and Christine Cameron, Will Their Alliance Be Strong Enough To Combat The Danger Yet To Come?


Captain Jeremy Northrup meets fellow Captain, Christine Cameron McKay, who typically works in search and rescue, when she arrives in Arizona to assist in the final stages of the training program for Iraqi pilots.

Immediately attracted to one another, there’s one major problem—Christine is married. But still, Jeremy can’t help thinking how much in sync they are when they spend those few weeks working together.

Christine’s marriage has been in name only for the last few years. And as attracted as she is to Jeremy, she’s not the kind of woman who would cheat on her husband, despite her suspicions that her husband’s been cheating on her.

When her husband asks for another chance, she gives in, only to regret it another year later when she finds out her husband’s been stashing funds away in a hidden account.

Still raw from her divorce, she meets none other than Captain Northrup again in Germany when she’s on a secret assignment for AFOSI, which she occasionally takes on when it involves a sensitive situation. Investigating an officer who’s been accused of sexual misconduct, Christine’s en route with two teams to a secret airbase in the guise of an airman, where she’ll rendezvous with her own team once her mission is accomplished. The situation plays out, but more severe consequences develop when an ISIL sympathizer leads them into a trap where Jeremy is severely injured by an IED.

While their units are able to escape the insurgents, Christine’s medical training enables her to save Jeremy’s life until he can be transported by Christine’s search and rescue team to the burn unit in Germany. When they say goodbye, Jeremy has no idea that Christine is now divorced.

Little do they know that when their friends, Anna Drummond and Neil Harrison, are ready to marry in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, Christine and Jeremy are fated to meet once again.

They decide to form an alliance after Christine’s ex-husband shows up, claiming to want her back. But little do they know that there’s danger yet to come. Will they have the chance to admit that their upcoming marriage is not just an alliance, but love?

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