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The Widow's Christmas Ruse: Cardinal Point Romance #7: A Funny, Later in Life, Enemies to Lovers Sweet Romance

The Widow's Christmas Ruse: Cardinal Point Romance #7: A Funny, Later in Life, Enemies to Lovers Sweet Romance

by Carla Rossi

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming romance novel that will make you laugh and swoon in equal measure? Look no further than “The Widow's Christmas Ruse” by Carla Rossi, the seventh book in the bestselling Cardinal Point Romance Series. The book tells the story of Donna Calfee, a recently widowed small business owner who finds herself struggling to keep her family's furniture store afloat. Enter Wesley Lawrence, the "Recliner King" of Texas, who swoops in to make Donna an offer she can't refuse. But as the two begin to work together, sparks fly and they realize that there might be more to their relationship than just a business deal. With its witty banter, charming characters, and heartwarming Christmas setting, “The Widow's Christmas Ruse” is the perfect read for anyone looking for a sweet and funny romance novel to curl up with this holiday season. Get your copy today and fall in love with Donna and Wesley's heartwarming story!

Publisher Description:

Love is ageless… Especially at Christmastime in Cardinal Point.
Donna Calfee’s had a couple of lonely years since her husband died—God rest his soul. With her son far from Cardinal Point and the family furniture store becoming less fun and less profitable, she wonders if it’s time to sell out and move on. She always wanted to travel and play with her grandchildren, but the first isn’t fun to do alone, and no babies are on the way. Wesley Lawrence has made millions as the well-known Recliner King of Texas. With a chain of furniture stores across the state, he gets his kicks taking over independent businesses and absorbing them into his empire. With his fourth wife’s departure and their ugly divorce, he escapes the scrutiny of his personal life to hide out in Cardinal Point. What’s more fun at Christmastime than making a small-town owner an offer she can’t refuse?
But Wesley didn’t count on Donna Calfee’s shrewd and stubborn streak, and she didn’t count on enjoying The Recliner King’s company. Maybe with a little manipulation at holiday time, they can strike a mutually beneficial deal. But is it all strictly business?

The Widow's Christmas Ruse is Book 7 in the Cardinal Point Romance Series

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