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Redeeming Aries

Redeeming Aries

by L. P. Peace

FBT review:

Are you craving a thrilling, steamy romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than "Redeeming Aries" by L. P. Peace. In this captivating indie book, Mariyah finds herself transported to a primitive city on an alien world. Determined to find a way home, she sets out to avoid her fated mate, a muscle-bound, shape-changing Satyr named Ardek. But as Mariyah discovers the person beneath Ardek's beastly exterior, her plans begin to change.

With its mix of fantasy, romance, and steamy encounters, "Redeeming Aries" is the perfect choice for readers seeking an enthralling escape. This indie book is sure to satisfy your craving for a new and exciting read. Don't miss out on the opportunity to dive into this captivating story. Grab your copy of "Redeeming Aries" today and let the stars align for a thrilling journey into love and adventure.

Publisher Description:

When Mariyah is transported to a primitive city on an alien world, the native people immediately push her out into the mountainous forests to search for her 'fated mate'. Mariyah is determined to avoid him and find a way home, especially when they warn her he's 'gone feral'.

Feral isn't the word! Ardek is a muscle bound, shape changing, bad tempered Satyr on steroids!

When Ardek took on the role of protector, little did he realise his fated mate wasn't among his people. Without the balance to the wrath and rage of his beast, Ardek has lost his way. But now she's here. Impossibly small and delicate, Mariyah meets his wrath with her calm, his rage with her steely determination.

Mariyah is hell bent on going home. But as Ardek shows the person he is beneath the beast, she finds the future she had planned on Earth has less of a pull, and perhaps, the stars aligned for a purpose.

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