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From Waterloo to Water Street

From Waterloo to Water Street

by S E Morgan

FBT review:

Step back in time to 1843 West Wales with "From Waterloo to Water Street" by S E Morgan, a captivating historical novel that follows the gripping story of a community on the brink of revolution. Join Will, a clever apprentice torn between duty and resentment, as he navigates through family tensions and societal upheaval. Discover the harrowing tales of veteran Thomas Lewis as he grapples with his haunting past and seeks solace in sharing his wartime experiences. As the daughters of Rebecca march against injustice and the shadow of the French Revolution looms large, immerse yourself in a tale of resilience, love, and sacrifice in a turbulent era. Find out what fate has in store for Will and his family in this compelling narrative. A must-read for fans of indie book titles seeking a stirring and inspirational read.

Publisher Description:

West Wales 1843: The daughters of Rebecca are marching, breaking down toll gates that circle Carmarthen. Livelihoods are destroyed by unfair tithes and taxes and the workhouse provides a starvation diet for the “deserving poor”. The people’s fight for fair-handed justice has begun, but protestors risk transportation or execution by a government scared Britain might follow France into revolution.

Carpenter’s apprentice, clever but cautious Will, grapples with resentment that he will not inherit the family farm. Will’s jealousy increases when his handsome, radical older brother falls in love with his best friend, Ellen.

Cantankerous veteran, Thomas Lewis, is tormented by nightmares of the wars against the French in Spain and the Low Countries nearly thirty years earlier. Could telling Will the heartbreaking story of his campaigns and battles with the 44th East Essex Regiment help Thomas find peace?

What will become of Will and his family in such turbulent times?

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