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A Welsh Not

A Welsh Not

by S E Morgan

FBT review:

Looking for a compelling historical book that combines love, tragedy, and the struggle for language preservation? Look no further than "A Welsh Not" by S E Morgan. Set in Victorian Carmarthen, this gripping novel explores the precariousness of life and the divisions of language, politics, and religion. Follow Bess Morgan as she navigates a world where using Welsh can lead to beatings. When her baby brother dies and her mother is sent to an asylum, Bess questions the institution of marriage. Enter Abel, her brother's friend and a charismatic student teacher, who may just change her mind. Meanwhile, Richard, a draper's apprentice, dreams of studying and teaching, while grappling with his attraction to Magistrate Davies' daughter. Dive into this captivating tale that will leave you spellbound. Available now on

Publisher Description:

In Victorian Carmarthen, not every story has a happy ending; life is precarious, riven by divides of language, politics and religion.

Every day a girl in Bess’s class gets beaten for using Welsh; for using their own tongue.

Bess Morgan’s choices are limited. When her baby brother dies, then her mother carted away to the newly built asylum she wonders why women ever marry. Might her brother’s friend, student teacher and ex coal miner Abel change her mind?

Handsome Richard hates the flattery and fawning required of a draper's apprentice. He longs to study then teach. Besotted by Magistrate Davies’ flirtatious daughter, he hopes to marry far above his station in life.

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